International Relations subfield

Notre Dame has a diverse faculty in International Relations that is growing in national reputation, a number of research centers devoted to international issues, rich library resources, and exceptional funding and research support. 

With more than 40 faculty, the department of Political Science is one of Notre Dame's largest and most respected departments.  Of these, 13 specialize in international relations and they are complemented by numerous specialists housed in the research institutes and in departments across campus.  The size of our IR faculty allows us to combine coverage across international relations theory, international security, and international political economy with a focus in peace and conflict studies.  We also encourage our IR students to take advantage of Notre Dame's renowned resources in the complementary field of comparative politics.

We are a question-driven field and we encourage students to conduct their research in the way most appropriate to those questions.  The department has in-house methods consultants, and we provide funding for graduate students to receive specialized quantitative and qualitative training.

In addition to the Department’s Notre Dame International Security Program (NDISP), two primary research centers of interest to IR scholars are the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and the Kellogg Institute for International Studies.


Specialty within International Relations


Michael Desch

Security studies, theory of international politics, US foreign policy


Amitava Dutt

International political economy, globalization, political economy of war & peace


Eugene Gholz

National security policy, U.S. grand strategy, defense management and organization, innovation, business-government relations, political economy


Gary Goertz

Causes of peace, Interstate rivalry and conflict management, International institutions and regional governance, Methodology

Victoria Tin-Bor Hui

state formation and state-society relations, contentious politics and resistance movements, transformation of world politics, political culture


Rosemary A. Kelanic

International security, coercive diplomacy, energy politics, and U.S. grand strategy


Dan Lindley

Security studies, ethnic conflict, peacekeeping, U.S. foreign policy


Joseph M. Parent

International relations theory, security studies, grand strategy, foreign policy


Daniel Philpott

Religion and global politics, transitional justice, ethics and international relations


Emilia Powell

International law, international courts, dispute resolution


Patrick Regan

Civil wars, Conflict management, External interventions

Sebastian Rosato

International relations theory, international security


Jazmin Sierra

International and comparative political economy with a regional focus in Latin America


Ernesto Verdeja

large-scale political violence, transitional justice, forgiveness and reconciliation, apologies and reparations