American Politics

American politics at Notre Dame empirically analyzes mass political behavior, political institutions, and public policies to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of democracy.

We provide a fruitful, collegial, collaborative intellectual community around questions of political equality, political behavior and public opinion, American political development, political parties and representation, political institutions, and research methods.

The study of American politics has been enriched by the Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy.  The Rooney Center:

  • organizes weekly research workshops for faculty and graduate students
  • sponsors seminars and lectures by visiting scholars
  • organizes conferences
  • provides research grants for students and faculty

We emphasize close interaction between faculty and graduate students. In particular, faculty make special efforts to prepare students for future careers through close mentoring and collaborative research projects.

Graduate students simultaneously specialize in a subfield of American politics and develop a broad foundation in the study of American politics.


Peri Arnold

Emeritus Faculty

David Campbell

Packey J. Dee Professor of American Democracy

David Cortez

Assistant Professor

Darren Davis


Luis Ricardo Fraga

Joseph and Elizabeth Robbie Professor of Political Science

Jeff Harden

Andrew J. McKenna Family Associate Professor

Joshua B. Kaplan

Associate Teaching Professor

David C. Leege

Emeritus Faculty

Meyer Levy

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

Ricardo Ramírez

Associate Professor

John Roos

Emeritus Faculty

Amir M. Sadeh

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

Andrew I. Thompson

Moreau Academic Diversity Postdoctoral Research Associate