Comparative Politics

The study of Comparative Politics at Notre Dame covers considerable geographical and thematic breadth. Our comparative politics faculty is comprised of distinguished experts on Latin America, Africa, the former Soviet Union, Europe, China, India, the Middle East, and other areas. Our faculty is particular well known for its cross-regional strength in democratization and regime change. We have several other clusters of thematic strength, including political conflict and violence, the politics of religion, political parties and institutions, authoritarianism, and contentious politics, among other topic.

As a group, we are a collegial community of research scholars that is not rigidly divided along methodological lines. We train students in virtually all approaches, encourage our students to conduct fieldwork and to work in the methodological tradition is most appropriate for their research. 

The study of Comparative Politics has been enriched by the interdisciplinary institutes at Notre Dame, including the internationally renowned Kellogg Institute for International Studies, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, the Nanovic Institute for European StudiesLiu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies, and the Keough School of Global Affairs. These institutes are vibrant centers of our intellectual activity and scholarly exchange as well as provide research support for the Comparative Politics community.


Jaimie Bleck

Associate Professor of Political Science

Paolo Carozza

Professor of Law

Abby Córdova

Associate Professor of Global Affairs

Rev. Robert Dowd, C.S.C.

Associate Professor

Amitava Krishna Dutt

Emeritus Faculty

Joshua Eisenman

Associate Professor of Global Affairs

Gary Goertz

Emeritus Faculty

Andrew C. Gould

Associate Professor

Michael Hoffman

Assistant Professor

Victoria Tin-bor Hui

Associate Professor

Kyle Jaros

Associate Professor of Global Affairs

Debra Javeline

Associate Professor

Karrie J. Koesel

Associate Professor

Scott Mainwaring

Eugene and Helen Conley Professor of Political Science

A. James McAdams

William M. Scholl Professor of International Affairs

Daniel C. Miller

Associate Professor of Environmental Policy

Thomas Mustillo

Associate Professor

Susan Ostermann

Assistant Professor of Global Affairs

Steve Reifenberg

Associate Professor of the Practice of International Development

Luis Schiumerini

Assistant Professor

Timothy Scully

Retired Faculty

Jazmin Sierra

Assistant Professor

Rachel Sweet

Assistant Professor of Global Affairs

Guillermo Trejo


J. Samuel Valenzuela

Kellogg Professor

Peter Walshe

Emeritus Faculty

Susanne Wengle

Nancy R. Dreux Associate Professor